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College Lists Wiki is a free, publicly available site to aid US college counselors in their work with students.

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If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please click here to request editorial access to the wiki. Please do so from your professional (school or counseling affiliated) email account, so that we can be confident that you are a friend of the project. (Access will be granted to all NACAC and ASCA members, as well as most independent counselors.)

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What the heck is a WIKI?

Wiki is a Hawai'ian word meaning "quick" or "fast."

Wikis are simple, editable websites that have the capability of letting more than one person contribute and/or edit content. They're a great way to harness "the wisdom of the crowd."

We think the project of sharing lists of colleges that meet one criteria or another is ideally suited to this medium. We hope you find these lists helpful!

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